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If you're anything like me then you hate waiting and can't wait to get to your destination. You can't sleep because you're too excited so your mind is thinking of 5 million things you could be doing, what you forgot, and what is at that moment.  So here are a few things to help you on your way. 


At this point in life your either team iPhone or team galaxy. First thing you need to download is the Mobile Passport out of your app store. This app will allow you upon re-entry to the US breeze trough customs  by prefilling your declarations form while deplaning. Simply answer whether you are coming in by boat or airplane, answer 6 declaration item questions, hit submit obtain your electronic receipt, show the customs agent and you're on your way!

TSA PreCheck  I can't imagine my life without it at this point. The best $85 spent ever! Nothing I hate worst than to have to touch a nasty airport floor. The line is always shorter, never having to worry about liquids, electronics, etc. I can't understand why so many more don't use it but at the same time I'm glad because that means the lines are shorter! This in combination with CLEAR  truly makes you feel like VIP. Once  you've scanned your eye/finger your private escort bring you to the front of the line again passing everyone not having to wait this means so much to a flyer who has to use LAX/JFK/ATL Clear retails annually at $160 for a couple and all kids are included! 


And last but not least! Priority Pass. Ever wanted lounge access, but couldn't because you didn't have enough miles, points, or an AMEX? Well look no further! With Priority Pass you are allowed into lounges all over the globe for a fee of $299 annually with entrance to 10 lounges any after that you'll be charged $32 which still isn't bad for food, alcohol, shower, and a place to sleep for long layovers!

You can’t predict what will happen but remembering these few tips will help!


  1. Know where the nearest US Embasy is. Make sure your passport is on your person everytime you leave a location, in the event you lose your passport you will need to visit the local embassy to obtain an emergency one.

  2. Determine whether or not the country requires a VISA and apply timely.

  3. Make a photo copy of your passport and leave it in your hotel or Airbnb.

  4. Travel with a portable charger.

  5. Download google translator.

  6. Research culture and restrictions of each destination.

  7. Keep at least one hundred in cash of that countries currency, believe it or not some still don’t take cards for transportation.

  8. Trip Advisor is your best friend, when someone tells their experience believe them! But if its one bad experience out of a 1000 do not let that deter you!


Listed below are a few links to help you save or plan your next vacation!

Airbnb: https://abnb.me/e/BI1DXc6XWV Save $40 on your next rental using my code, depending on the country this could be 2 nights free!

Want to travel, but dont have a clue on how to start? Let me curate a trip for you inclusive of everything all you'll need to do is click the links to pay! This service is $50. https://www.paypal.me/CuratedByMonica

www.airfordable.com allows you to book airline tickets for a small fee and pay in installments!

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